the official Freshers' Fair 
for the University of Oxford

Welcome to OUSU Freshers' Fair 2013!

The Oxford University Student Union Freshers' Fair is one of the main events of 0th week. Packed with stalls showing the best, biggest and weirdest of Oxford's student life, it has something for everyone:

If you are a new student then Freshers' Fair is the place to truly kick-start your time at Oxford by getting involved in the incredible range of student activities on offer.

If you are a Club and Society it's your main opportunity to attract new members and share your enthusiasm for what you do.

If you are a returning student it's one of the best ways to discover some of the things that you might have missed in your first or second year as well as an opportunity to load up on more free stuff than you can possibly carry.

This year the OUSU Freshers' Fair will be filled with hundreds of clubs, teams and societies, as well as a commercial tent crammed with companies wanting to give students some great offers.

Studying at Oxford is about so much more than the fantastic academic experience and Freshers' Fair is the perfect way to see how exciting Oxford's extracurricular scene is. If you're interested in finding out who will be exhibiting at the event please visit our What's on section.

The OUSU Freshers' Fair runs between Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th October 2013. If you're a Fresher, details of when and how you can attend the event will be provided by your College nearer the time. Additional information can be found on your Student Information Page. Returning students will only be admitted on the Friday and will have to show their Bod-Card to gain entry.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the OUSU Fair, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Just some of the exhibitors at the Fair this year...